Smith Mountain Lake

At Smith Mountain Lake you'll find wonderful places and people. Our area's great natural beauty from the waters and woods to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is the perfect destination for your very own style of fun, whether you seek days full of activities or just plain relaxing. Smith Mountain Lake it's closer than you think!
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Franklin County

This is one of the two Counties that surround Smith Mountain Lake. It is one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties comprised of communities that continue to value their farms, forests, waters, and cultural heritage. You can discover and choose from a diverse selection of attractions, from outdoor adventures like boating, camping and hiking, to cultural and historic experiences. Visitors get a chance to enjoy the many scenic corners of our community where every side road opens up new vistas, views, and quiet moments for those tired of crowds, long lines, and clutter.
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Bedford County

This is the second of the two Counties that surround Smith Mountain Lake. It is also one of the fastest-growing counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It encompasses 764 square miles of Piedmont Plateau in the Western Central portion of Virginia and is bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, the James River on its northeast and Smith Mountain Lake to the south. It has rolling, hilly terrain with elevations ranging from 800 to 4200 feet above sea level.
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Roanoke County

Just 45 minutes from Smith Mountain Lake it is situated in The Roanoke Valley which is located in southwest Virginia, within 500 miles of many of the major business, economic, and population regions of the United States. Its central location and proximity to major in terstates puts the Roanoke Valley within a day's drive of two-thirds of the United States.
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Roanoke City

Also just 45 minutes from Smith Mountain Lake and located midway between New York City and Atlanta on Interstate 81, The city is the center of one of Virginia’s largest metropolitan and a hub of transportation, finance, and industry for the southwestern part of the state. The scenic beauty of the Roanoke Valley, located between the Blue Ridge and the Virginia Alleghany Highlands, makes the city a pleasant as well as an economically diverse place to live and work. The city's position on the East Coast gives it ready access to close to two-thirds of the total population of the nation within a radius of 500 miles. The Roanoke Airport (ROA) is served by many major airlines.
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One hour from Smith Mountain Lake this City is a vibrant and charming community located in the eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, along the banks of the scenic James River, you will find endless opportunity for adventure, entertainment, amusement, relaxation, and more. Discover historic sites, exciting recreational and cultural opportunities, extraordinary shopping, gracious dining and first class accommodations. The Lynchburg Airport (LYH) is served by several major airlines.
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